About Us

About Us

Being active in textile industry, Ahkam is engaged in wholesale trade of all kinds of apparel and clothing products in Turkey and abroad.

Demonstrating a remarkable development throughout its 20-year successful journey, Ahkam Textile is today one of the leading garment manufacturers and exporters in Turkey.

As an ISO certified, export oriented and integrated company, Ahkam Textile exports all kinds of textile products, especially business uniforms and military textile products.

The Company has achieved to increase its competitive power to the highest levels with its high export and import volume in recent years.

Ahkam Textile currently exports textile products to many countries around the world with an annual production capacity of 1,000,000 pieces.

The company has increased its manufacturing experience in the field of military products and daily wear with high craftsmanship and high value-added products.

Increasing its service quality with its state-of-the-art textile production factory, Ahkam Textile responds to the needs of various sectors with its wide product range.

In 2017, the company combined its knowledge and experience with design, established a design department and started producing large numbers of products for international retailing companies.

Ahkam Textile is proud of providing a one-step solution to all textile demands of its customers and being a company focused on continuous improvement.

Quality from Design to Production

Ahkam Textile accepts respecting international working standards and environment as a priority and a core principle and realizes its corporate and social responsibilities without any compromises.

Why Ahkam Textile?

Quality production
Top level experience
Advanced technology
High productivity
Strong production

Delivery in Time

The identification, packaging, labeling, transportation and distribution of manufactured products are carried out in accordance with standards.

In order to ensure that the products of which the production and quality control procedures are completed are delivered to the customers in a timely manner, the shipment is made in accordance with the rules specified in the order stage. 

Shipments can be made in boxes or on hangers based on the customer request. Package information, packing lists and shipping documents are prepared with the utmost attention to detail, the suitability of orders is checked for the last time and the products are shipped with their shipping documents on time.


 To make researches in fabric, washing, ready wear, accessories and fashion sectors, to develop new ideas and to contribute to the development of the sector. To be innovative, to lead, to provide the best valued products and services to global customers.


To create a working system based on flexible, clear and fast information flow, which is a prerequisite of being present in the international textile market, to make production based on satisfaction while considering customer demands. To become the world leader in military clothing and daily wear by strengthening innovation and design to ensure total customer satisfaction.